Here is where the solution lies!

I just watched a very interesting and enlightening program on the use of various types of natural energy sources and their positive and negative impacts on ecosystems, on life. My attention has been drawn to a statement in particular, which has highlighted for me a truth which is evidently staring us in the face daily. I transcribe below as faithfully as possible the statement, from a scientific expert.

« While doing my researches on the degree of use of plastics in our everyday life, and when trying to measure our dependence on it, i realized that if plastic should be removed from our lives, i would no longer have glasses and that power switches, computers, nail polish, lipsticks, even fridges, would disappear… »

Without further thinking, we could keep giving examples on pages and pages so much that we could write a book of it. To summarise, the evolution which is a natural process in the human race, led us to create things that are today integral part of our lives and that brings us some comfort – which has become a lifestyle – that anyone, not even the most sensitive to the cause of nature and environment, will be willing to sacrifice.

That brings me to agree with the conclusion of one of the experts, « There is no magic solution. The solutions we can find are buried in the various ideas that each can bring, in order to best adapt ourselves to the world we have helped to create ».

Un devoir commun

On entend de plus en plus dans les médias les chiffres alarmant sur la dégradation de l’environnement, dégradation incluant le réchauffement climatique ainsi que la perte de la biodiversité, facteurs impérativement indispensables à la Vie. Il y va donc Aujourd’hui de notre BIEN-ETRE, quand pour les générations futures il s’agit de SURVIE. Toute action menée aujourd’hui, quelle qu’elle soit, pour lutter contre la dégradation de l’environnement est une graine d’espoir plantée pour les générations futures, qui, si elle est entretenue comme il se doit, pourrait porter des fruits surprenants.